YEAR 2021

There is likely to be some mixed emotions as you move into 2021. Starting the year with Mars, your ruling planet in Aries will give you the drive and motivation to begin the year on your own terms. However, with Mars’ longest visit to Aries in 32 years now in its final days, there is a chance that you are feeling battle weary. Mars will leave on 7th January and this is when the benefits will start to unfold, albeit slowly and in unexpected ways over the coming months. The main impact from Mars’ departure is that a lot of the fight will go out of things and as you start to appreciate that 2021 is not a repeat of 2020, start to feel excited about what the coming year might bring. Saturn and Jupiter are gone from your career sector but the professional momentum not only continues, things are likely to take a lucrative turn during January and February. January is also a chance to get a feel for the new powers on the throne and the planets that will make 2021 a very different year to 2020. It was Jupiter and Saturn’s return to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking in the closing weeks of 2020 that has taken a lot of the pressure off you and especially professionally. Yet it goes beyond that, with a sense that you no longer have to prove or push yourself 24/7, yet as a result, the things that you had to fight for in 2020 will start coming to you more effortlessly in 2021. Above all, the main impact from Saturn and Jupiter’s return to your friendship sector is a sense of camaraderie and that as a team player you don’t have to shoulder the full weight on your own. Saturn is here now until 2023 but Jupiter will leave on 14th May before retrograding back in on 29th July. When Jupiter leaves he will return to spend five months in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, where he will begin preparing for his return to Aries in 2022 and the start of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Another thing that will give 2021 a sense of movement and exhilaration is that Mars, your ruling planet and the planet that can fire up your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit is on the move. Having spent the whole second half of 2020 either at a standstill or going backward and forward over the same ground, Mars is now racing across the heavens and invigorating multiple areas of your life over the course of the coming year. Missing too are the relationship challenges of 2020.

YEAR 2021

Unlike 2020, when there was a lot of focus on your relationships, 2021 is a more balanced year. Last year, even during the most active months of 2020 on the romantic front the spirit of romance needed to compete with an ongoing relationship focus. That is not the case this year and with Mars making his first visit to your romantic sector since 2019, there is a chance to make up for lost time. You will get a taste of this with a Full Moon in your romantic sector on 29th January, though it is Mars’ return on 12th June that will begin a romantic wave that will continue, unabated through to 23rd August. This might be a relatively short two and a half month period, but the love gods will pack a lot into this time. Unlike 2020, when romantic matters had to fit in around a dominant relationship focus, the spirit of romance will be well established by the time that Venus, the planet of love begins a period of planetary activity on the relationship front on 16th August. Again, Mars will be making his first visit to your relationship sector since 2021 after spending time fuelling your romantic passions and fighting spirit in June and July, will return to fire and spice things up on the relationship front on 15th September. A Mercury retrograde phase from 27th September to 28th October will keep the planet of communication in your relationship sector for over two months and what Venus begins in August, he will continue to nurture through to his departure on 6th November. This makes the period from Mars’ return to your romantic sector on 12th June to Mercury’s departure from your relationship sector on 6th November the most important months of 2021 on the romantic and relationship fronts but with the right balance between the two. That wasn’t the case in 2020. However, what will be a constant presence is planetary activity on the communication front and after what, for some, may have been a challenging or defining year on the relationship front last year, this makes this a year for rebuilding. It is the North Node that will keep the communication lines open all year but in a way that is about looking forward rather than back.

YEAR 2021

To begin with, it is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence. The last planet to leave your financial sector in 2020 left just before Christmas, wrapping up last year’s focus on money matters. With no more planetary activity in your financial sector, the side of the financial fence that is more focused on what you do with and how you manage the money you have until September, the money gods’ focus is now fully on income matters again. That is because, with Uranus in your income sector from 2019 to 2026, this is the default focus when the faster moving planets aren’t moving through either of your two money houses. Uranus has been in retrograde motion since August so while the focus has shifted back onto the income side of the financial fence, not a lot is happening or at least that is what first impressions will suggest. That will change dramatically with Mars’ return to your income sector on 7th January, just a week before Uranus’ direct turn on 14th January. Together, this will shock income matters back into life and out of hibernation. Mars’ return to Aries last June should have put him six weeks away from your income sector but instead, a retrograde turn has held him back so he will be ready to make up for lost time. While Jupiter and Saturn both left your career sector just before Christmas the Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be working in January to get this new professional year up to speed, with Mars’ return a case of perfect timing. Until leaving on 4th March, Mars will be fighting to smash through glass ceilings and roadblocks, whether real or imagined and after Uranus has been in retrograde motion for five months, get things moving again. This is something that Venus, the planet of money will take up from when she returns on 15th April to begin what are often the most potentially lucrative weeks of any year though with Mars competing for that title. The Sun and Mercury will follow Venus into your income sector and until the Sun’s departure on 21st May will work to gain as much traction and momentum as possible, knowing that Uranus can keep the momentum going. It is in September that Venus will put the focus back onto money matters and from her return on 11th September to Mars’ departure on 13th December there will be a chance to give money matters as much traction as possible.

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