YEAR 2022

For a sign that like balance, this is exactly what the stars have dialled up for you in 2022. This is an exciting year on the work front, with a lot of support for job growth, expansion and opportunities and especially in April and May. This is when some of the most exciting stars seen in a long time will come together. You even have the South Node returning to your income sector on 19th January, giving you better access to untapped income potential, something that all the activity on the job front can exploit. However, while Jupiter left a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart in the closing days of December, with Saturn here until March 2023 there are also safeguards in place to ensure life doesn’t become all work and no play. Saturn is one planet that you don’t say no to and as he will preach a similar message all year, this will give this year its guardrails. Fortunately, there is a lot of planetary activity here in the early months of the year, with Venus and Mars both returning on 6th March and both on a mission to make up for lost time. Things will already be moving on the job front but it is not until they join Jupiter in your work sector in April that things will really start to come together. It begins with Venus’ return to your work sector on 6th April and Mars’ on 15th April, just as Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of luck and dreams are forming a once in a lifetime alignment here. It is when Venus leaves your work sector on 3rd May, Jupiter on 11th May and Mars on 24th May that they will collectively shift their focus onto your relationships. Even though this will bring the busiest months of the year to an end, Saturn will continue to police a balance between work and play. Especially once the North Node leaves an adventurous part of your chart on 19th January, with the lunar nodes then shifting their focus onto your two money houses. This will not only put the North Node in your financial sector and the South Node in your income sector until July 2023 but this is where the eclipses of 2022 will fall, energising both sides of the financial fence. The first will be a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 1st May, followed by a total lunar eclipse in your income sector two weeks later, on 16th May. Six months later it will be the other way round, with a solar eclipse in your income sector on 25th October and a total lunar eclipse two weeks later in your financial sector, on 9th November.

YEAR 2022

Not all years are created equal and while the passage of the Sun and the faster planets means that your romantic and relationship sectors will become active at the same time each year, additional factors can make one year more significant than another. In 2022 that is the case on both the romantic and relationship fronts but only on the romantic front to start with. The Sun will always return to your romantic sector in January but his return on 20th January not only comes just three weeks after Jupiter left but will herald the most active months of the year on the romantic front. A retrograde phase will see Mercury move through from 2nd January to 26th January but then return for a second visit from 15th February to 10th March. It is during that second visit and long after the Sun leaves on 19th February that Venus and Mars, the planets of love and passion will both return on 6th March. With Venus not leaving until 6th April and Mars until 15th April, what is usually a romantically charged few weeks that might extend out until late February is instead the most romantically charged months, extending out for an additional two months. After that Saturn, who is here until 2023, will keep the momentum going. During that time, while there is some minor planetary activity on the relationship front there is nothing to indicate that this year will be any different to other years. Even when the Sun moves through your relationship sector from 21st March to 20th April it will be business as usual, with the solar spotlight always on your relationships at this time of year. It is not until May that things take a significant turn for the better, starting with Venus’ return on 3rd May. Held back by her retrograde phase in your romantic sector Venus will be late to return to your relationship sector this year but her timing couldn’t be better. For it is just days later that Jupiter will return on 11th May and that will change everything. Mars’ return on 24th May will bring the planets of love, luck and passion together in your relationship sector for the first time since 2011. Venus is only here until 29th May but Mars will stay on until 5th July, here to support and energise the most important developments on the relationship front in over a decade. Jupiter will leave on 28th October but will retrograde back in on 21st December, where he will stay until May 2023.

YEAR 2022

This will not be a repeat of previous financial years and instead, this should be a good year on both sides of the financial fence. The price you will have to pay for the rewards that this year can bring is a need to be more mindful of a balance between money coming in and money going out but if you can get that right, both sides will prosper. This is thanks to a big change that happens within the space of just a few hours on 19th January but will impact the rest of the year on both sides of the financial fence. It begins with Uranus’ direct turn in your financial sector, something that will take the brakes off money matters. However, that in itself isn’t the game changer but what happens just a few hours later, when the lunar nodes return to your two money houses. Always in opposition, this will see the North Node return to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector and until leaving in July 2023, they will work to maintain a balance between money coming in and money going out. However, this will also have other major implications and the most visible of those is that this will determine where the eclipses will now fall. A solar eclipse in your financial sector on 1st May, a total lunar eclipse here on 9th November, a total lunar eclipse in your income sector on 16th May and a solar eclipse on 25th October will generate a lot of energy on both sides of the financial fence. At the same time, throughout their time here the North Node will work to maintain a sense of financial direction while the South Node will work to exploit untapped income potential. It is when there is other planetary activity in your two money houses that things will not only become more accurate but this is when the eclipses will fall. The first set of eclipses in May will coincide with the Sun’s return to your financial sector from 20th April to 21st May while the second set of eclipses will fall when he moves through your income sector from 23rd October to 22nd November. Because income and money matters are now linked, heightened planetary activity on the financial front from 11th April to 20th August and on the income front from 23rd October to 22nd November will energise both income and money matters.