August 2022

Just starting the month with Mars in your work sector is going to get the month off to a busy start while bringing you to an important point in this professional year. However, things are still just warming up with an explosion of potential across the income, work and career fronts. While they won’t move into a friendly aspect until midmonth and just days before Mars is due to leave your work sector on 20th August, already he is working in harmony with Pluto in your income sector. This allows the planets of war and revolution to egg each other on, energising things across the income and job fronts. However, the game changer is Mercury’s early return to your career sector on 4th August, nearly three weeks before the Sun is due to turn the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options. This will see Mercury return to begin the first planetary activity on the career front for the year, right in the heart of the most energised point in the year on the income and job fronts. Mars will leave your work sector on 20th August and Mercury will leave your career sector on 26th August but they will leave behind forces that will continue what they began. It is then that after working in harmony to energise things across the income, work and career fronts that Mercury and Mars will end the month once again working in harmony but this time in a completely different way. It is just six days after Mars returns to your relationship sector on 20th August that Mercury will return to your friendship sector on 26th August. Both will turn retrograde, keeping them here for much longer than is normally the case and for Mars, for the rest of the year, beginning a stunning new chapter for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building.

August 2022

At a time of year when there is not usually a lot out of the ordinary happening on the romantic or relationship fronts, the love and relationship gods are dialling up some exciting developments on both fronts. To begin with, it is all about matters of the heart and in particular a sense of romantic nostalgia as the love gods open the doors to the past and second chances. While the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos who has been in your romantic sector since 1926 will always turn retrograde at the halfway point in each year, it was Jupiter’s retrograde turn on 29th July that has been a game changer. It has been 12 years since you last had lucky Jupiter in retrograde motion in your romantic sector, holding the doors open to the past and second chances. The Moon will return for its first visit since the planets here turned retrograde from 15th August to 17th August and the timing couldn’t be better. Not only does this give you a few weeks to adjust to a shift in focus onto the past but the Moon will move through just before significant new developments on the relationship front just a few days later. Since Venus, the planet of love left your relationship sector on 18th July things have been relatively quiet, with a chance to process the desires and expectations she left you with. However, everything will change on 20th August, when the Moon will make one of its most well timed returns of the year. For the Moon, this is an ordinary monthly visit, with a chance to become more emotionally engaged as you check in. However, this will also ensure you are emotionally engaged when just a few hours later Mars not only returns for his first visit in two years but to begin his longest visit in eight decades. Not due to leave until March 2023 and working closely with Saturn in your communication sector throughout that time, Mars returns to help you fight for what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.

August 2022

The Sun’s departure from your financial sector on 23rd July may have taken the solar spotlight off your financial situation and money matters but with Venus, the planet of money not leaving until 12th August there is still more potential to explore. Venus is standing defiantly in the face of what is set to be an exceptional month on the income side of the financial fence and right across the income, work and career fronts. Unlike your income sector, where there is planetary activity all year, once Venus leaves your financial sector on 12th August this will end all planetary activity on this side of the financial fence. However, after the Sun and Mercury have moved through and having already got your head around money matters and with your annual review over, as the planet of money Venus is the perfect planet to wrap things up for the year. Venus’ focus is not on financial housekeeping but on fuelling your financial confidence and leaving you with something to strive for. Before leaving Venus will clash with Pluto in your income sector but the timing means that any financial tension this might create is more likely to fire up your motivation on both sides of the financial fence. While still in retrograde motion in your income sector, Pluto is having a very good month. This is partly because until leaving your work sector on 20th August Mars is drawing closer to Pluto, with the planets of war and revolution firing things on the income and job fronts. However, this is also partly because of Mercury’s return to your career sector on 4th August, kicking off the first planetary activity on the career front this year. This will kick off a stunning few months across the income, work and career fronts, something that the Moon’s return to your income sector from 9th August to 11th August will tap into.