August 2022

Mars is making this a month of two halves but there is going to be a blurring of the lines but also an overlapping of two very different themes. Mars will begin the month in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart where he is halfway through his first visit in two years. As well as working to fuel your romantic and creative passions and fighting spirit Mars is working closely with Pluto, with the planet of change and revolution already working to make his last full year in Capricorn count. With Mars and Pluto spurring each other on, this is encouraging you to declare war on old excuses, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined and especially when it comes to staying in a rut. This will get a boost when Mercury turns to an adventurous part of your chart on 4th August, beginning the first planetary activity here for the year while putting him in harmony with Mars and Pluto. Until Mars leaves on 20th August, the main focus will be on the playful and adventurous side of life’s fence. Yet there will be a dramatic shift when Mars not only leaves but returns to your busy work sector. This will be no ordinary six week visit but the start of Mars’ longest visit in eight decades, which won’t run its course until March 2023. During that time Mars will work closely with Saturn in your income sector, while Mercury’s return to your career sector on 26th August will once more see this smart and intellectually savvy planet align himself with Mars. The same energy from earlier in the month is still there but this time channelled into income, work and career matters. However, with the Sun returning to an adventurous part of your chart on 23rd August and Uranus staying on in a playful part there is an overlapping of the two. This will ensure life doesn’t become all work and no play.

August 2022

Mars and Venus are making the early weeks of August stunning and defining weeks on both the romantic and relationship fronts, something that is outside the norm for different reasons. While the Sun will always leave your relationship sector towards the end of July each year, taking the solar spotlight off your relationships, this year Venus has been late to arrive and therefore late to leave. Held back by a retrograde turn in Capricorn late last year, the planet of love has been running behind schedule ever since and didn’t return to your relationship sector until 18th July. Having returned during the Sun’s final days Venus was able to benefit from the transparency this has given you while also benefiting from having Mercury, the planet of communication here. Both have moved on but until leaving on 12th July, Venus will continue to give your heart a voice as she works to not only update your relationship desires and expectations but to turn desires into reality. Venus’ departure will end all planetary activity on the relationship front but the Moon’s return from 22nd August to 25th August is just the first of the monthly visits that will keep you emotionally engaged and connected. Meanwhile, on the romantic front things got a boost when Mars returned for his first visit to your romantic sector in two years last month. Until leaving on 20th August, Mars will continue to fuel your romantic passions and fighting spirit, something that will get a boost when the Moon moves through from 17th August to 20th August. These romantically charged lunar vibes will ensure that Mars’ final days here are some of the best. However, unlike your relationship sector where all planetary activity will end when Venus leaves on 12th August, Mars will leave behind the North Node and Uranus, whose retrograde turn on 25th August will open the doors to the past.

August 2022

First impressions suggest that this could be a bad month for Saturn, who in retrograde motion in your income sector is facing his first real challenge of the year. Until now, there has been no planetary activity on the other side of the sky in your financial sector, with the money gods putting all their focus on the income side of the financial fence. That changed when Mercury returned to your financial sector on 18th July, followed by the Sun three days later and the dwarf planet Ceres just 24 hours later. The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of August in your financial sector, so this was always going to happen. With Saturn in retrograde motion and non stop focus on the income side of the financial fence all year, it is time for money matters to have their turn. While every planet that returns to your financial sector this year will clash with Saturn and that includes Venus, who will return on 12th August, any financial tension will be fleeting. The clash that could trigger the strongest emotional responses is when the Moon, moving through your income sector from 11th August to 13th August will clash with the Sun to create a Full Moon on 12th August. However, this can also energise both sides of the financial fence. Yet in a sign of just how fast things are moving Mercury, who begins the month clashed with Saturn will return to your career sector on 26th August and into harmony. However, the biggest boost to Saturn and the income side of the financial fence will come when Mars not only returns to your work sector on 20th August but to begin his longest visit in eight decades. Mars and Saturn will both leave in March 2023 and between now and then will move into a friendly aspect three times, making this the start of one of the most enduring partnerships of 2022 and extremely empowering on the income and job fronts.