YEAR 2021

For many Scorpios, this is a year for putting down roots, becoming more grounded and with a lot more focus on home, family and/or property matters. This is thanks to Saturn and Jupiter’s return to your home and family sector in the closing weeks of 2020 and the start of a new journey that has already begun. Saturn spent three and a half months here in 2020, returning in March and then retrograding back out in early July. Jupiter wasn’t there at the time so this was just about Saturn’s mandate, which often focuses on the challenges rather than the opportunities. There is a chance to look back to that time last year, knowing that the foundations have already been laid. This time Jupiter is here and that means that while there might need to take more responsibility there is also plenty of opportunities. Saturn is here until 2023 so is playing a long game and many of the challenges he can bring come months or even years down the track and often after not dealing with things upfront. To have Jupiter here in the early phase brings the confidence and motivation to invest what is required in order to get the rewards. Jupiter is normally here for 12 months but will rush through before leaving on 14th May, only to retrograde back in from 29th July to 29th December. It is where Jupiter is in such a hurry to get here that is this year’s best kept secret. Seven months ahead of schedule, Jupiter will not only return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart from 14th May to 29th July but will team up with Neptune here. This is the first time that the planets of luck and dreams have been here at the same time in our lifetime and they will come together here three times over the course of 2021 and 2022. Another feature of 2021 that will help to balance Saturn’s more solid position is the fact that Venus and Mars, the planets that spent much of 2020 at a standstill are back up and moving. Mars will move through nine areas of your chart in 2021 and that will see his passion, drive, warrior and competitive spirit spread across a wide swath of your life, including a return to Scorpio from 31st October to 13th December. Venus is doing the same, often returning ahead of the other planets and her return to Scorpio will be so far ahead of the other planets that her return from 11th September to 8th October will be over before your birthday month even begins, giving your heart the first say in a lot of things this year.

YEAR 2021

To begin with, it is business as usual but within days relationship matters will get an unexpected boost. Unexpected because the Sun and the faster moving planets will return to your romantic and relationship sectors at the same time each year, creating seasons. Even with Uranus in your relationship sector from 2019 to 2026 and Neptune in your romantic sector from 2012 to 2026, they largely operate in the background until the faster moving planets move through. As the Sun won’t return to your relationship sector until 20th April and even Venus, the first of the faster planets won’t return until 15th April, it should be months into 2021 before it is anything but business as usual on the relationship front. Instead, you will wait just a week as Mars, held back by a retrograde phase finally returns to your relationship sector on 7th January. This is something that should have happened months ago, with his return to your work sector June putting him just six weeks away from your relationship sector. Instead, a retrograde phase held Mars back and finally returns to give your relationships a boost in the early weeks of the year. Mars will move through from 7th January to 4th March will be long gone by the time the Sun returns on 15th April. However, it is the things he is able to fight for during that time that will give your relationships a solid foundation or something to build on from. Mars will be here when the Sun returns to your romantic sector on 19th February, beginning what should be the most romantically charged months of 2021. Venus, the planet of love’s return from 26th February to 22nd March should be the epicentre of this period, with what should be the most romantically charged months of 2021 ending with Mercury’s departure on 4th April. Had it not been for the wild card the love gods are holding up their sleeves, the period from the Sun’s return on 19th February to Mercury’s departure on 4th April would be the most romantically charged months of 2021, with Neptune then keeping the romantic flame burning for the rest of the year. However, the love gods have a huge wildcard up their sleeves with Jupiter’s return to your romantic sector on 14th May. Jupiter will retrograde back out on 29th July but will return on 29th December, doing the same in 2022. This is the first time that Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of luck and dreams have met up in your romantic sector in our lifetime.

YEAR 2021

Because the lunar nodes returned to your two money houses in May 2020 and will remain there until January 2022, even during times of the year when there is no planetary activity the wheels will still be moving on both sides of the financial fence. While the North Node is more focused on providing a sense of financial direction from its position in your financial sector and the South Node on untapped income potential from its position in your income sector they also police a balance between money coming in and money going out. The lunar nodes are the point in the heavens where the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is intersected by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth and because of that, they determine where the eclipses will fall. For that reason, there will be a total lunar eclipse in your income sector on 26th May, a total solar eclipse on 4th December and a solar eclipse in your financial sector on 10th June. These are eclipse points, when the potential building behind the scenes on both sides of the financial fence can come to fruition or to a head, turning and/or tipping point. For the most part though, unless there is planetary activity in either of your two money houses the lunar nodes operate in the background. However, while that will be the case on the financial side of the fence, with things only becoming active from Mars return on 5th March to Venus’ departure on 3rd June, there is planetary activity in your income sector throughout 2021, suggesting this could be a lucrative year. The year begins with Venus, the planet of money and the dwarf planet Ceres in your income sector. While Venus will leave on 9th January and this will get the year off to a potentially lucrative start, a retrograde turn will keep Ceres here until 15th November. With Venus coming full circle on 8th October and continuous planetary activity then through to Mars’ departure in January 2022, there is wall to wall coverage. While Ceres is more focused on maintaining a clear sense of your income needs and priorities, with the South Node providing continuous access to untapped income potential and a series of eclipses throughout the year, that will be enough to keep the momentum going.

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